Demetrious “Rious” Williams always had that keen eye for details. It started as an adolescent and began to develop more in college. He attended The Fort Valley State University where he received BA in Graphic Design. While in college Rious wasn’t interested in photography until he was tasked with an assignment as a graphic artist to help reestablish the presence of his college yearbook his senior year. Rious college professor, Dr. Bobby Dickey, loan him a camera from the mass communication department and put him on a charter bus to Jena Louisiana so he could document a historic moment in history for the yearbook (“The Jena 6-Movement “ ). The moment opened up Rious photographic eyes and he started to see the world in another way. Rious later documented everything visual around the campus that was used for the yearbook. Moments such as sport events, step shows, senior pictures, and community service projects.Rious graduated from FVSU in December 2007 and then moved to Atlanta the following year. Rious started his career as a freelance photographer in 2008. Along his journey he have work with countless who’s who of Atlanta, worked in different states and have work on several reality shows as the set photographer. Rious Photography is that staple to several brands. The clean eye catching images that Rious Photography capture help set their clients apart from other brands.

"I fell into photography on accident but my success thus far has been a result of the hard work I put in. I love what I do. I love the ability to create. We collided by chance. I needed an outlet and she needed a host. We feed off each other...she gives me temporary escape and in return I give her life. She gives me a chance to see the world through "My Third Eye"

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